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About The Situation

The owners of a household name entertainment business were looking to invest in a joint-venture with another organisation in order to launch a retail arm, with a number of stores being set-up across the globe.

As they had no experience in online retail, we were asked to review the strategy, budgets and predicted performance that had been submitted to them by their prospective business partners.

After meeting with the retailers and having access to their pitch deck, Profit and Loss forecast and all other materials, we were able to dive into the market data and see whether their assumptions were correct.

Using a combination of data from sources including Google and Facebook, as well as historic performance data from past and existing clients, we could analyse all areas to see:

We also interviewed the team members and performed skills-gap analysis, so that we could advise our client on how capable they were in delivering the digital marketing strategy and where further talent was needed.

The Result

The data told us that their expectations were wildly unrealistic and that their market budget was significantly smaller than what they really needed to invest. We determined that traffic was more expensive than their assumptions said it would be and that it would take longer to build up the predicted repeat custom. It was also going to take a lot more work to achieve the conversion rates they were hoping for. With this information, our client was able to enter negotiations in a stronger and more informed position and used this to agree to a larger marketing contribution from both parties.


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